Upcoming Challenges

Mountaineering Colorado Challenge 2020

Dates To Be Determined:

Original dates of 20-27 Jun 2020 have been cancelled due to health issues associated with COVID-19 pandemic.
New dates possibly in the late September or October 2020 timeframe are a possibility. Will depend on the state of the country’s recovery from COVID-19 pandemic, and the availability of billeting for Challenge participants.


Summary of Objectives (presuming Challenge conducted):

  • Orthotic/Prosthetic Objectives will be finalized and published as we approach Challenge dates. They will build on previous years’ research and data gathering efforts.
  • Open Water Certification Course Objectives:
    • Certify new Combat Wounded/Injured Veterans (CV/IVs) as Open Water SCUBA Divers
    • Prepare newly certified divers for subsequent SCUBA Challenges to serve as subjects for continued underwater O&P research and coral reef restoration support.
  • DiveMaster-in-Training Objectives:
    • Resume training selected core cadre of CWVC certified SCUBA divers as Dive Masters
    • Establish an in-house cadre of Dive Masters that increases CWVC’s flexibility to respond to short notice SCUBA activities that offer increased opportunities for research, support for community relief, and for joint activities with like organizations supporting youth and/or CW/IVs.
  • Conduct a Neuro-Cognitive Assessment (NCA) under the auspices of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) to measure the functionality/performance of the brain (memory, observation, processing, prioritizing, etc.). NCA will be administered by qualified Medical Officers in two 15 minute, one-on-one interviews with each CW/IV. First interview pre-Challenge activities, and final interview post-Challenge.
  • Conduct a Quality of Life (QOL) survey developed by the Henry M Jackson Foundation (HJF) under its The Veterans Metrics Initiative (TVMI) program. Propose to include family members in the survey effort. Focusing on the family, as the integral social unit in our society, more holistically addresses vets’ incurred wounds/injuries and associated suffering, subsequent treatments and recoveries than just the vets in a vacuum. Particular focus will be on those CW/IVs suffering from TBI.

Click on “Participant Feedback” below if you are a {Challenge Name} Participant, or family member of a participant, that desires to submit personal feedback covering what this Challenge meant for you.  For privacy purposes, any comments submitted will be listed only with participant’s permission, and if permitted, anonymously on CWVC’s public web site.