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2020 Challenges

CWVC had originally planned three 2020 Challenges for combat wounded/injured veterans (CW/IVs) – SCUBA in June, Mountaineering in Aug, and Sailing in Sept. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the CWVC Board of Directors met several times to weigh the potential benefits to be derived from research efforts planned for the challenges against the potential risks that might be incurred if the challenges were to be conducted. In the end, we decided to cancel all Challenges and focus on planning for 2021. Factors weighing on decision included costs (some of which might be non-refundable); availability of facilities, housing, logistics support, expedition expertise; whether sufficient number CW/IVs would be able (or desire) to participate given C-19 related health issues; C-19 resurgence across country (e.g., Florida, Texas, other states); requirement to quarantine depending on participant point of origin; likelihood of a C-19 vaccine not till early next year.

Despite 2020 Challenge setbacks, CWVC was able to respond to a time-sensitive request for support from the Army’s Special Forces Underwater Operations School in early June. For more information, see:


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