Warrior Sailing Camp

Summary of Challenge:  

wsp-logo-blueThe Warrior Sailing Program is a program partnership of USMMA Sailing Foundation & US Sailing with Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge.

The program is focused on introducing active military and veterans with disabilities to sailing and basic sailboat racing. The camps are 3-day intensive courses focused on skill development to manage a boat on the water as well as societal skills, which may translate to personal and job skill development. It is open to wounded, ill or injured service members of the Armed Forces; active duty or retired. The program is available to all persons within the targeted audience regardless of age, gender and race. Participants will be given resources to continue with the sport if they so choose.

There are a limited number of slots (21) for each camp. Those interested may submit an online application using the secure link below and may choose a camp based on proximity to the camp. Once accepted, we will provide detailed information, travel reimbursement information and final documentation.

Who are we looking for?

  • Seeking a broad mix of participants with disabilities
  • Male and Female
  • Combat Wounded and Injured
  • Spec Forces
  • 21-65 years of age
  • Amputees – mix of lower and upper extremities
  • Some TBI/PTS
  • Some Paralysis
  • Must be communicative and able to transfer themselves.
    • Adaptive equipment is available to transfer them to a boat for on water training, but for those participants with more severe paralysis the program does not have the adaptive equipment yet to accommodate their level of disability while on the boat. This is equipment is forthcoming.


wsp-boards-coverThis program requires the sailors to work as a team in tight quarters as these are small boats.  This is adaptive – COMPETITIVE – Sailing, with the objective of providing hands on experience mixed with chalk talks to gain the necessary basic skills and knowledge to race.

The sailors leave the camps with the intention of future racing and a lifelong sport.  US Sailing will provide contacts for the sailors so that they can connect with the sailing community when they return home and hone their newly learned skills.

CWVC wants to build the program so these warriors can sail competitively in 2015 and beyond.

Date/Location of Challenges:

November 5-7, 2015

St.Petersburg Sailing Center (SPSC)
250 2nd Avenue SE, St. Petersburg, FL  33701


San Diego, California Camp

June 7-9, 2016


Register here: https://warriorsailing.wufoo.com/forms/warrior-sailing-basic-training-camp-open-form/