The History of Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge

combat wounded scuba teamCWVC was formed in 2010 in Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida to provide wounded and injured military combat veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with opportunities to overcome physical, medical and personal challenges.

In June of 2010, the first group of military Combat Wounded and Injured veterans met in Talkeetna, Alaska. Their objective was to address and search for effective methods for healing and inspiring our returning wounded veterans and to promote the work of local universities and colleges conducting medical research in this effort. After 12 days of initial mountaineering training in the Alaska Range with these amputees and others impacted by traumatic brain injury and psychological trauma, the group overwhelmingly agreed to lead and expand the effort to conduct and expand research for the benefit of all Combat Wounded and service-injured and their families.

Since then, CWVC has conducted over thirty rehabilitative high-adventure and therapeutic outdoor “Challenges” while furthering advancements in medical research associated with their injuries.