The three Pillars shoring up CWVC’s Mission are Challenge, Research, and Purpose. Of the three, the Research pillar is arguably the most important.

To reinforce the research pillar, we invite experienced medical practitioners in the scientific fields of orthotics & prosthetics (O&P), traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury (SCI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to accompany our CW/IVs conducting field experiments alongside them during challenge expeditions; i.e., field research is the heart of CWVC Challenge expeditions. They monitor CW/IV performance, conduct data gathering efforts, and follow that with in-depth analysis leading to an expanded body of knowledge in their respective fields that not only benefits CWVC participants, but the larger non-veteran population suffering from similar medical conditions; e.g., first responders, accident victims, etc. In some cases, these medical practitioners have identified gaps that exist in their respective fields to which their research results have helped narrow the gaps.

Pursuing these three Pillars, our combat wounded and injured veterans prove themselves “wounded (or injured), but NOT conquered;” hence our motto – Vulneror non Vincor.

The following are examples of the research we’ve conducted over the years. To review, select links to:

The recruitment and vetting of qualified veterans (active duty and medically retired) for the field research are coordinated with Veterans Administration hospitals, Universities, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Care Coalition, and numerous referrals.

Qualifications required to participate include:

  • Medical clearance by healthcare professionals;
  • Certification by physical therapists/prosthetists for properly fitted primary and alternate limbs;
  • Physical ability and conditioning to participate in Challenge expeditions;
  • Willingness to participate in research related to prosthetics, psychological trauma and TBI;
  • Commitment to the team;
  • And commitment to visit local area VA hospitals and centers for the purpose of inspiring other combat wounded veterans.