St. Petersburg – Havana, Cuba Sailing Ocean Race 2017

Location: St. Petersburg – Havana, Cuba

Dates:  February 28 – March 5, 2017

Tracking the race (these are from this website):

03-02-2017 @1317

03-02-2017 @1146

03-02-2017 @0847

03-01-2017 @2140

03-01-2017 @1029

02-28-2017 @1423

Pictures from the challenge (this is being updated as we get images sent to us):

Race Details:

250-mile ocean race

Race Awards Ceremony in Havana Cuba March 5 at the Hemingway International Yacht Club

Research Objectives:

PTS/TBI – Provide therapeutic and safely competitive environment which promotes physical and mental health, with pre and post evaluation facilitated by a medical and/or mental health professional, and self-assessment and evaluation.

More information on the race:  

St. Petersburg Yacht Club – St. Petersburg to Habana race information page