Upcoming Challenges

Sailing Challenge 2020

Scheduled for September 13 through 19, the CWVC Sailing Challenge is held at Sea Star Base Galveston. Non-sailors are taught the Technical aspects of sailing (i.e., boathandling). Drills may include straight line sailing, tacking on whistle, mark rounding, rabbits, figure eight, follow-the-leader, diamonds, stop and go, steering without touching tiller, 720s, heaving to, storm approach, sailing under main alone, landings. And also provided classroom “Chalk Talks” boat parts, rigging and racing crossing rules; sail adjustments as well as Right of Way rules: Opposite tacks; Overlapped; Not overlapped; Tacking

Summary of objectives:

Conduct a Neuro-Cognitive Assessment (NCA) under the auspices of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) to measure the functionality/performance of the brain (memory, observation, processing, prioritizing, etc.); conduct a Quality of Life Assessment (QLA) to quantify the mood/emotion of the person. The NCA will be conducted on-site at the beginning and end of the Sailing Challenge by medical doctors. The QLA will be self-administered before and after the Sailing Challenge, and is much like others used on previous CWVC challenges. Challenge participants may waive participation.

Summary of Challenge:

The Galveston Sail Training and Championship are designed as follow-on challenges for those sailors interested in additional training and competition. CWVC, Sea Star Base Galveston (SSBG) and CWVC will provide a one-week sail training camp at SSBG in Sonars. Participants will earn an US Sailing certification upon completion of a written test. The week will culminate with competition.