logo_fwThe Aids epidemic has produced over one million orphans in the East African Nation of Tanzania. Another million and a half are orphaned from diseases such as malaria. The need for quality orphan care is very great.

The Treasures of Africa Children’s Home opened its doors in March of 2007 to provide love and hope to a generation of orphans facing certain poverty and despair. Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge Warriors visited the orphanage in 2012, while in the area for the Mt. Kilimanjaro Expedition, bringing supplies and spending time with the children. Personal bonds were forged and lives were forever changed as a result. It is truly amazing to see these brave soldiers again giving of themselves, connecting with children that have endured extreme hardships in their own lives. The warriors and kids can easily relate because of this common ground. The partnership continues today with CWVC Warriors spending time there during the next expedition.

Treasures of Africa Orphanage provides…

  • A refuge where an orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable child finds refuge and healing for his broken spirit, soul and body.
  • A home of safety where being a child is a joyful and love-filled experience.
  • A resource where a top quality education is received that prepares each child to be successful in a high-tech world.
  • An inspirational place where each child is encouraged to dream big dreams about his or her future without restrictions and is helped to achieve those dreams.
  • A training center where future leaders of the nation of Tanzania are trained for service to their fellow man.
  • A sanctuary where each child is introduced to the loving God who created them and has a divine purpose for their lives.