The Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge Mission

The mission of the Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge is to improve the lives of our wounded or injured veterans by assisting them in realizing their newfound potential for the benefit of all.  We focus our efforts on education, rehabilitation, research and innovations in field-based assessments/treatment of Orthotics & Prosthetics, Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury.


To improve the lives of our wounded or injured veterans and their families by providing challenging expeditions in austere environments.  To promote research that advances treatment and care of physical, neurological, and psychological injuries.  To inspire others to embrace fullness of life and overcome adversity.


Honor:  We believe that how and why we act matters.  We seek to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and manner in all that we do and seek others to keep us accountable.  We will act with honesty and justice for the good of others;

Strength/Fitness/Health:  We believe in the power of the human being – mind, body, and spirit – both individually and in teams.  We seek to improve the holistic health and resilience of our wounded and injured veterans and equip them to inspire and motivate others.  We will provide wounded and injured veterans with experiences that challenge them as a whole person and as a member of a community;

Stewardship:  We believe that we are caretakers entrusted by others with valuable resources.  We seek to use those resources efficiently and effectively to further our mission.  We will conduct business with transparency, integrity and accountability;

Community:  We believe in collaboration.   We seek to build valued strategic relationships with like-minded partners to better serve our wounded and injured veterans and conduct high-quality research, education and rehabilitation.



Vulneror non Vincor, meaning, Wounded – not Conquered.

A military unit traditionally embraces a nom de guerre, or inspirational and spirited war phrase, providing esprit de corps and a higher purpose in accomplishment of their mission. Today, our CWVC wounded warriors are executing an entirely different mission on a different battlefield- to selflessly encourage each other to push beyond the wounds, visible and invisible, that they incurred in service to their nation and conquer the perceived limitations attributed by their injuries through gains in medical and developmental field research.