CWVC-scuba-WaughinPool1Mike Waugh
Chapter Dive Safety Officer – NAUI/DAN/AAUS
Tarpon Springs Chapter of SCUBAnauts

I was impacted by the sheer optimism of the veterans participating in the event, no matter how severe his injury. I don’t have one memory that stuck with me, I have many…

CWVC-scuba-JoshandPartnerJosh Hargis insisting that he did not need to be on the front row during the group picture despite being in a wheelchair. He looked up at me and asked how tall I was. I told him I was six feet tall. Josh said he used to be six feet tall and then proceeded to stand in his chair and said he was now six-two… How do I complain about anything after that???

Jessica Silk using her Rescue training to help her veteran when he had a panic attack during the navigation dive. They never broke water and finished, despite both having to breathe off of Jessica’s tank. Tiny Mia Foisy helping her veteran finish the navigation dive when it almost became too difficult for him to complete and they ran low on air.