Wounded Veteran earns her degree, and keeps inspiring others to never give up!

Wounded Veteran earns her degree, and keeps inspiring others to never give up!

No matter how bad your day is going, there is always a wounded veteran out there struggling to accomplish what most of us would think was the impossible. The wounded veterans we work with are the most resilient and amazing people on the planet. Just knowing them is an absolute honor. Here’s Holly Katke showing the rest of the world that you can get shot in the head by a sniper, and overcome the nightmare that accompanied…to get a college degree! Way to go Holly!! You are an inspiration to so many! 



Florida Key Coral Restoration

Florida Key Coral Restoration

CWVC participants are in the news all over the Keys! They are making a difference in the lives of wounded veterans, and for wounded reefs…


Recently, members of the Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge and SCUBAnauts International joined forces with scientists from Mote Marine Laboratory to plant nursery-grown corals near Looe Key. This event marked the fifth year of a unique coral restoration partnership that enables citizen science volunteers to participate in cutting-edge…

Read the article here: http://www.srqmagazine.com/srq-daily/2016-07-23/4454_Florida-Key-Coral-Restoration

In the News: Veterans to set sail with Warrior Sailing Program

In the News: Veterans to set sail with Warrior Sailing Program

For 21 military veterans, the word “can’t” is the one thing they won’t be bringing with them to San Diego Harbor. Not willing to let injury or medical condition hold them back from the rest of their lives, these disabled veterans will take part in a novice sailing camp from Monday, May 4 to Wednesday, May 6 at the San Diego Yacht Club on Point Loma.

The Warrior Sailing Program was founded with a mission to introduce active military and disabled veterans to the sport of sailing, with opportunities ranging from introductory-level sailing to world- championship competition. Together with the Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge, these organizations give back the gift of competition, camaraderie and being a part of a unit.

Participants who need an inspiration won’t have to look far, as the program’s founder is Jen French, a Paralympic medalist. “The goal is to share the spirit of sailing with our military warriors and to teach them skills on the water and for a better quality of life,” French said.

The free program features adaptive technology brought in by the program and sailboats provided by San Diego Yacht Club, which will be hosting the program. Participants come from all branches of the military and have varying injuries that range from limb loss, traumatic brain injuries and post- traumatic stress disorder, to name a few.

“Sailing is an inclusive sport and community,” stated French. “There is a restorative, healing process that sailing provides, and it also gives them a chance to flex their competitive muscles.”

Participants will sail together in teams of three on J-22 sailboats, with each team having an on-board professional coach. The basic training camp is the West Coast debut of the program.

For yacht club commodore John Laun, this program is the perfect way for his group to use its resources and sport knowledge to give back to the community that has served this country.

“The San Diego Yacht Club is very proud to host the Warrior Sailing Program’s basic training camp,” Laun said. “Hopefully, many of the participants will find sailing and racing enjoyable, and all will certainly benefit from the lessons in leadership skills, teamwork and self-reliance learned on a sailing race course.”

Camp graduates will learn about local sailing opportunities through yacht club outreach and the Challenged Sailors San Diego (www.challengedsailors.org). Select graduates will join the Warrior Sailing Team to learn advanced racing skills and compete in open racing events and those for the disabled across the country and around the world, including the US Disabled National Championship in San Diego Aug. 27 through 29.

More information on the Warrior Sailing Program can be found at warriorsailing.org.

Source: San Diego Community News Group – Veterans to set sail with Warrior Sailing Program at San Diego Yacht Club

Progress from Aconcagua

Progress from Aconcagua

combat-wounded-veteran-challenge-aconcagua-day4-4The CWVC Challenge Warriors are a third of the way up the Aconcagua Summit!

Billy Costello reported in and shared the schedule for the remainder of the week.
“Last night the team stayed at Plaza de Mulas. Today, we climb up to Camp Canada and back down to Plaza de Mulas for the night. Thursday Team CWVC takes a rest day at Plaza de Mulas and then commences the climb once again on Friday.”

The team excitedly relayed this story as well…
The other night, CWVC Team 1 headed out at 2am, with Team 2 following at 4am. While traveling, they were fortunate enough to view several stunning sights – The Southern Star, as well as the Milky Way…oh, and the Space Station came screaming by in the night sky, lit up like a Christmas tree!

The views of the Andes Mountains are breathtaking and the team is doing quite well traversing the summit to this point.

Here are a few pics from the trek from the past day or so. In one of the photos you can see the Summit in the background covered by a cloud.

More to come as our combat wounded and injured veteran team continues its ascent on the Aconcagua Summit. Keep checking the CWVC website for progress updates over the course of the next two weeks. The team returns March 1 to CWVC HQ.