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Challenge Warrior Sailing Selfie…

It’s not easy but this Combat Wounded Challenge Warrior is taking a selfie while sailing. We have some of the most talented guys out there!! Check out their pictures and comments on Facebook and our Website! Original Facebook Post by Brian Doc Dean.

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Wounded veterans set sail in weekend race

Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge is in the news again. Thanks to Howard Altman for writing such a great article! After regaling the gathering of combat wounded with his stories of helping hunt down drug lord Pablo Escobar then taking part in the invasion of Panama, Nelson Corbin gets serious. “We are the only military group […]

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Combat Wounded VC Sailing Team Competes in St. Pete

It is an unusual mix. Adaptive competitive sailing and Post Traumatic Stress treatment. But it is working for our 9 combat wounded veterans that are competing in the America’s Disabled Open Regatta at the St. Pete Yacht Club. Upon arrival to the bay area, the team spent a few days huddling with Dr. Carrie Elk […]

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Come Sail Away!

This week marks a rare opportunity for a group of 14 combat wounded and injured veterans in Galveston, Texas.  These warriors come from different parts of the country, with varying issues.  Whether it’s a traumatic brain injury, partial paralysis, post-traumatic stress or limb loss, they are all on a mission of healing and self-discovery. Our […]

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