The Aconcagua Summit Challenge Team will prepare to Climb this mountain, the second highest of the Seven Summits of the World.  It is treacherous terrain that requires major effort, excellent problem solving and self awareness.

The terrain ranges from dry rocky riverbed walking, with both soft and hard surfaces, to uphill loose scree slopes and both hard packed and soft snow.  There is side hill, flat surface and uphill terrain and then down again while at altitude.  Imagine this excursion all while wearing a backpack weighing up to 60 pounds.  There will be hot desert-like sun on the lower mountain and bitter cold winds and below zero temperatures on the upper mountain.

Who would be crazy enough to attempt this with two good legs, much less an above the knee amputee?  None other than our next Challenge Warrior and CWVC Production Team Leader, Billy “Badass” Costello.

Costello, an Army Green Beret, was injured after stepping on an anti-personnel improvised explosive device during a dismounted reconnaissance patrol.  The blast traumatically amputated his right leg through the knee, fractured the tibia/fibula of the left leg, fractured the middle and index finger of the right hand, and perforated the eardrum of his right ear.

Now he’s taking on his third Summit, having completed Mt. Kilimanjaro and Denali.