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Update Aconcagua

The team departed Mendoza Friday bound for Penitentes. The CWVC Aconcagua Challenge team spent the night at the ski resort at nearly 8500’ last night, so this move up by mini bus is an important acclimatization day and night for them. As you can see from the photos with water bottles in hand, they are doing a good job keeping hydrated. as this helps their bodies acclimatize better.

Saturday they had already hit the trail where they passed by some scenery with an alpine lake, over small bridges, tall trees and into higher alpine and dry river bed landscapes. Our team of combat wounded and injured warriors have already started the ascent on Aconcagua. Safe travels team and we look forward to receiving daily updates.

Some of the pictures shared with us by Caitlin (Alaska Mountaineering School) are below: (Thanks Caitlin!!!)

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One Response to Update Aconcagua

  1. Gerard Coleman February 9, 2015 at 2:25 pm #

    What happened to Roland’s head?!
    Looks like the toughest part of the climb has been getting all the gear across the curb from hotel to bus. Good thing the bus is carrying all that gear for you!
    Don’t let Dom send any radio signals into outer space!
    And who is the old guy with the gray beard?
    I am enjoying climbing with you vicariously!

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