ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, JAN. 20, 2016 – Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge, Inc. (“CWVC”),, headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL, announced today that its Board of Directors, by unanimous decision, has elected Captain Dominic Lee Pudwill Gorie, USN/NASA (ret) as its President, effective immediately.

CAPT Gorie is a retired United States Navy officer and NASA astronaut, and a veteran of four space shuttle missions. CAPT Gorie was born May 2, 1957, to parents Paul and Shirley Pudwill in Lake Charles, Louisiana. CAPT Gorie’s father, Capt. Paul Pudwill, USAF, was killed when his B-47 Stratojet developed ice on its wings and crashed when CAPT Gorie was six years old. CAPT Gorie graduated from Miami Palmetto High School in 1975. He received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ocean Engineering. CAPT Gorie later earned a Master of Science degree from the University of Tennessee in Aviation Systems in 1990.

CAPT Gorie was designated a Naval Aviator in 1981 and flew the A-7E Corsair II with Attack Squadron 46 on USS AMERICA (CV-66) and the F/A-18 Hornet with Strike Squadron 132 on USS CORAL SEA (CV-43). After attending U.S. Naval Test Pilot School in 1987, CAPT Gorie served as a Navy Test Pilot from 1988 to 1990. From 1990 to 1992, CAPT Gorie was assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron 87 and flew the F/A-18 Hornet from USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71). From 1992 to 1994, CAPT Gorie was assigned to U.S. Space Command in Colorado Springs. Shortly after receiving orders to take command of Strike Fighter Squadron 37, CAPT Gorie was selected by NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration) as an Astronaut Candidate.

While with NASA, CAPT Gorie was assigned to work safety issues and served as a spacecraft communicator (CAPCOM) in Mission Control for numerous Space Shuttle flights, and was chief of the Astronaut Shuttle Branch. In 1998, CAPT Gorie served as the pilot for the Space Shuttle DISCOVERY (OV-103) during the STS-91 to the Russian MIR space station. In 2000, CAPT Gorie served as the pilot for the Space Shuttle ENDEAVOUR (OV-105) during STS-99 mission. In 2001, he served as the Crew Commander of ENDEAVOUR during the STS-108 mission to the International Space Station (ISS). In 2008, CAPT Gorie returned to space for the fourth time as Crew Commander aboard ENDEAVOUR during the STS-123 mission to the ISS. CAPT Gorie retired from NASA in 2010.

The mission of CWVC is to improve the lives of U.S. injured and combat wounded veterans by providing “Challenge” expeditions that are physically and psychologically demanding and requiring extreme outdoor efforts. These rehabilitative high adventure and therapeutic expeditions, led by veterans, provide sufficiently arduous,
reasonably achievable, and extremely motivational experiences. While participating in these grueling Challenges, the veterans voluntarily participate in case studies and medical research projects that further medical, physiological, biomedical and pathological sciences associated with their injuries. CAPT Gorie has led several of
the “CWVC” Challenges, including mountain climbing and backpacking treks in Alaska and Colorado. CAPT Gorie is also a member of the CWVC Board of Directors. CWVC Board members also include Ambassador Jay Katzen (who is the Board’s Chair), CAPT David Olson, USN (ret) (who is the founder of CWVC), LCDR Gerard Coleman, USN (ret)
(who is a professor of nuclear and marine engineering technology at Texas A&M University in Galveston), CPT Deborah Pawlowski, USA (ret) (owner of KEI Consultants, which is an investor relations communications company), and Ben J. Hayes, JD (who is an attorney and former Major League Baseball pitcher with the Cincinnati

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