Summary of Day Six Sailing Challenge

September 20
Galveston Texas

sailboat on open waterPerhaps the most “telling” summary of Friday is the following:

Dinner at 1830 with everyone hungry; 1930 almost everyone headed off to bed!

Why? Breakfast at 0600; rigging boats by 0700; sailing at 0730 (sunrise was 0705); sail and race all day.

Beautiful day of sailing with breeze about 14-17 knots under sunny skies

All that remains to describe the day is: tremendous leadership from Sea Star Base Mike Janota and Dave Gaston (and selfless service from volunteers and staff), and from CWVC Deb Pawlowski (and her husband Joe) and Dave Caras. Continued selfless service from the cooks Jeannie and Judy. Without them, none of this selfless service and “leadership by example” would be possible for our active duty and veteran participants, who continually express heartfelt gratitude for being involved in the Sailing Challenge.