Summary of Day Seven Sailing Challenge

September 21
Galveston Texas

combat wounded sailing challenge crewThe day and the week may be summarized on two levels.

First, on the sailing: beautiful sailing weather over Sea Star Base Galvetson; southeast breeze 14-17 knots under sunny skies. Man-overboard shore instruction and then on-the-water drills in the morning. Lunch…yes, served by Jeannie and Judy; tireless yet with unbounded smiles. Afternoon racing; four races and seven boats on the line; very close competition. Dinner… yes… did we report that Jeannie and Judy serve delicious meals with wonderful smiles? Bonfire… guitar… singing… brotherhood.

Second, on the impact… the inspiration…the purpose of the Sailing Challenge (quotes from active and veteran servicemen and women):

“It’s been an honor and means a lot to me that words just can’t describe how great everyone and everything was. Never Forget!”

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a warrior to sail; he will have purpose for a lifetime. As a warrior, I learned trained and executed missions. With sailing, the learning, training and executing; all are the mission. Every veteran needs a mission.”

An honor to have Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge (lead by Deb Pawlowski and Dave Caras) and Sea Star Base Galveston (lead by Mike Janota and David Gaston) host the Sailing Challenge that positively changed lives. Any success in the mission is due to them.