Gunny Brady’s Major Walk Across America

gunny major walk

Who is walking?

Gunny Roy Wesley Brady Jr

What is he walking for?

To raise awareness for the combat wounded and mentally wounded veterans

What are the walk start/end dates?

March 5TH 2018 – Approximately Sept 2018

Where is he starting/stopping his walk?

Oceanside, CA to Trenton, NJ (see map below)

Gunny’s Walk in the Press

gunny brady walk

Why is the Gunny doing this again?

“Because it needs to be done.  Do your homework, its personal this time…

It’s called the Major Walk in honor of my brother, Major Brady.  Due to the fact that my brother, and a Marine brother of mine, took their own lives, I’m walking to raise awareness of the things our service members face when they come back home.  Some come home with visible wounds, and some come home looking fine…but things like Traumatic Brain Injuries and Post Traumatic Stress aren’t visible.  TBI and PTS can wreak havoc on the mental state of our service members, leading to divorce, drug/alcohol addiction, trouble with law enforcement, and suicidal tendencies.

I’m walking to spread awareness of these issues to whoever will listen to me.  If you saw me walking down the road, with my rucksack and Marine Corps flag waving behind me…and looked me up, then my plan worked.  You are here learning about difficulties that wounded service members face.”

How can you help? 

Support CWVC: You can support the organization I’m walking to draw attention to.  Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge doesn’t help just a few people at a time.  They help a few people immediately, those people are helping researchers, and the researchers are compiling data to be distributed to professionals that practice in the area of: prosthetics and orthotics, traumatic brain injuries, and post traumatic stress.  The research is going to help an exponential amount of people wounded in previous and current wars, as well as future injured heroes and civilians. 

Moral Support: If you are near where I’m walking, please come out say hi and get a picture!  The more people that get involved and share info and pictures online, the more what I’m doing makes a difference.  Let me know my message is getting out there.

Share with your friends: Are you on social media?  We’ll be using #majorwalk on our posts, feel free to do the same.  I’ll be posting on the Facebook Page from the road, and my support team will be posting from Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge.  You can tag them @combatwoundedveteranchallenge or my walk @walk4warriors (or tag both!).

Share with your organizations: We also have a PowerPoint you can use if you are presenting to your local veteran support group:  Gunny Brady’s Major Walk Across America Powerpoint.

Donations help us make a difference

You can donate to Combat Wounded below, or donate to the walk funds to be used for expenses that I might have during my walk: food, campground fees, etc. Although last time I had quite a lot donated, we can’t expect that to happen again.  Any money still in the fund at the end of the walk will be donated to the Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge.

You can also easily donate by texting MAJORWALK to 41444!


We owe it to those we lost…

I was blessed to come home alive to family and friends. As a service member, I’m fortunate to be able to take the time to spread awareness, walk from town to town, and talk to people about these issues.  You only live once…and I’m not going to waste this blessing called life.

My brother is buried in Quantico, VA, and Tommy Simpson is buried in Trenton, New Jersey. I will visit both grave sites on this route (BOTTOM LINE).

This will be my second tour. I’ve done this walk for the same organization in 2015. Please take time to read about the work Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge does.

Thank you for your support!