Photo Gallery: Aconcagua Challenge 2015 – On the way

Aconcagua is one of the seven great summits of the world. It is the highest mountain in the Western and Southern Hemispheres at 22,837 ft., and is located in the Andes mountain range within the province of Mendoza, Argentina.

No hard records are kept, but the Provincial Park reports a success rate of about 60% of climbers that attempt the mountain. In mountaineering terms, Aconcagua is technically an easy mountain if approached from the north, via the normal route. The routes to the peak from the south and southwest ridges are more demanding, and the south face climb is considered very difficult.

CWVC Challenge Warriors climbed Mt. Aconcagua while conducting case studies on prosthetics, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and post traumatic stress (PTS).

More information can be found on the Aconcagua Challenge page.

Photos from the Aconcagua Challenge: