Sponsor: Thorlos Socks

THORLO sock sponsorTHORLO is the official SOCK Sponsor and caretaker of Gunny’s hard working feet.

They have generously donated a steady supply of socks for the duration of his mission to walk across America.  If Gunny’s feet are happy, then so are we!  CWVC thanks Thorlo for supporting this amazing effort and our military.



North Carolina based THORLO, Inc., the originator of activity specific socks, is committed to providing the ultimate in foot protection and comfort for all consumers. Over 25 years of scientific research stands behind the Jim ThroneburgThorlos ultimate consumer promise of “Your Feet Will Feel Better or Your Money Back.” All Thorlos sock products are designed to protect the foot from activity-specific demands such as shear, impact and blistering. Thorlos provides its consumers with superior comfort products, which allows them to enjoy their active lifestyles. Run, walk, hike or everyday wear, there is a pair of Thorlos for everyone, every shoe and every activity. For more information about Thorlos visit www.thorlos.com.

As a former Submariner, Thorlos owner-inventor, Jim Throneburg is committed to helping the troops. “Roy is an example to all of us that we can do our part even if we are not actively serving. Our wounded warriors are especially deserving of our support when they return…it’s the least we all can do.”